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The hot trends this year cover more than just clothes and hair. They're about fun... about getting involved... about being yourself. Here are some cool ideas to check out.


This isn't your granny's scrapbook. Today, scrap booking is about expressing your creativity. Keep clippings of your favorite sports star or pop idol. Pics from camp. Concert tickets. Your birthday party favor. Create new and interesting ways of preserving your coolest stuff.


Here are 8 things everyone should have in their backpack.
  1. Journal and pen so you can write on the bus, in the waiting room, between classes
  2. High energy nutrition bar for an afternoon boost - ok, an apple works, too.
  3. A friend's pic or other favorite remembrance for an instant feel-good moment — it's a great way to keep those positive vibes flowing, no matter what.
  4. Color markers or glitter glue sticks that let you make your own unique mark
  5. 50 cents so you can always call for a ride home.
  6. Bad hair day repair kit - hey, it happens to everyone.
  7. Fine-tipped precision glue pen makes it easy to do a quick fix on fingernails, books, jewelry and sports gear.
  8. Ear buds with headset splitter so you can tap into a pal's music.


Make your bed a uniquely "you" space. Get plain, boring toss pillows from the thrift store or mega-mart and decorate them in your own style. Use Elmer's Glue-All to attach fabric cutouts and Elmer's 3-D Glue Paint Pens to design right on the pillow. Get info about the products and other ideas at www.elmersfun.com.


Flip flops can be fabulous. Especially when you customize them for a special outfit or event. Glue glitter, buttons, fake fur, flowers or anything fun onto the straps. Go ahead. Be outrageous. You can't flop. See more design ideas at www.elmersfun.com.


Go for vibrant, bold, electric colors and stripes. Think pink. Crossing guard orange. Juicy lime green. Don't panic, however. You don't have to trash all of last years stuff. You can bring things up to date by adding a colorful accent. If all else fails, just paint it. You can even make your own with ordinary school glue and food coloring. Get the recipe at www.elmersfun.com.


Who says you're too young to make a difference? Start small but get involved. Recruit your school club or community group to help. Find a cause that's important to you and get to work! Ask the Volunteer Action Center of your local United Way how you can help.


Think your life is an adventure? Put it on paper. Create your own comic strip. Write your own stories. Use your friends or family as characters. This is your chance to put words in their mouths! Don't worry if you're not a great artist - just draw it or hook up with a talented buddy.


Odds are, your grandmother has a basket of buttons somewhere in her house. You can also find them at tag sales and thrift shops. Some are ordinary. Many are unique. Search for the unusual, decorative. Use them for hair weaves or braids. Decorate picture frames or notebook covers. Sew them onto vests or jeans.


You never outgrow robots. Begin by making your own out of scrap boxes and aluminum foil (find the plans at www.elmersfun.com). Use leftover pieces and parts of appliances, motors or machines to build your own. Eventually you can design and build your own working robots.